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Sex, Lies and Julian Assange | 4Corners. July 23rd, 2012

Sex, Lies and Julian Assange | 4Corners. July 23rd, 2012

Andrew Fowler and Wayne Harley investigate further the curiosities of Julian Assange’s abuse of due process

( initially the investigation conducting as to the questioning over alleged “sexual molestation” inquiries, now presented in world – wide media as “{double} rape charges”) referring to this case in Sweden.

Sweden has ambiguous complexities in their law of such examples as for instance, it is ILLEGAL to restrain anyone, even if they are consenting/willing and have agreed to the participation. Restraint is defined as holding their hands, holding them, pinning someone temporarily, as well as what we would consider the more traditional definitions of restraint; where the participant’s movements are captively subjected. It is also ILLEGAL in Swedish law, for a condom to break and can be defined as “mild rape” – Swedish Law having definitions of what could constitute as “rape” essentially defined as mild, moderate and severe.

As as side note, I’d like to point out a few other facts/discrepancies over this investigation. None of these are formulated as an actual post, rather facts of interest as I post the link to this 4Corners article..

Firstly, It is known that Sweden operates on a “layjudge” system; many Swedish Layjudges actually do not possess degrees in Law.

Sweden has a closed trial system with two Judges ( who are often retired politicians; who have then become Judges through the familiarity of the process of Law, as a result of working within the political arena.)

In a study of Stockholm Layjudges ( I need to find this link, but from memory the study was conducted approximately 5years ago) more than half ( and again, I need to find the document to give precise percentages) of Stockholm’s Layjudges felt it was both fair and just, to convict on a hunch. Sweden’s system is such that there is no bail; the accused is held incommunicado with only a right to contact their representing attorney and a priest for an indefinite period of detention.

Mr. Assange has actually already served nine days in solitary ( Wandsworth prison, UK) and has been detained a week shy of 600 days as of this present moment.. over what is still the questioning of allegations of potential sexual misconduct. He was issued a Red Notice from INTERPOL – however, up until this instance, unheard of.

Having attempted through countless channels to submit testimony via Embassies, Scotland Yard and other established and appropriate institutions; which legally, he can even provide by telephone or Skype, he has thus far been refused all opportunities to submit his testimony through proper procedural channels.

The initial Chief Prosecutor, now retired ( Eva Finne) read the statement of allegations concerning the two witnesses; threw it out and dismissed Mr. Assange to leave, from Sweden freely. A new prosecutor Marianne Ny, resurrected the allegations under the blanket of Sweden’s Rape laws – a bit of background on Ny~ the “middle ground” of Sweden’s political parties is the Feminism movement, who have been influential in enacting laws thereby defining paths for future laws in Sweden. As a new prosecutor, the best way to gain clout is to be actively involved in unprecedented contributions to Law. – I digress, but here’s additionally an article, via Crikey News| Greg Barns – back in January, as to further legal discrepancies/ issues regarding the legality of the processes outlined in the 35 page skeleton argument attached in the article

Assange legal team’s skeleton argument on strong ground

The summary of what was established in the Supreme Court was on what the term “Judicial Authority” actively defines, as each European country has varying “authorities” and therefore, variance on who has the authority to issue EAW ( European Arrest Warrant) independent of their conditions.

I would also like to note, that although Marianne Ny has the full means to personally travel to the UK to interview Mr. Assange personally for his testimony, she refused to do so, however DID travel to the Supreme Court ruling posing as a Law student to observe what happened in Court  ( which UK taxpayers paid, for the Attorney who defended Pinochet for Sweden’s prosecutory, Clare Montgomery) ~ Judgement found here:


This case gets much deeper with the actual politics of players and foreign nationals involved in a much broader scale for the US Grand Jury investigation that evidence shows does indeed exist, although the Australian and US government have denied having any knowledge of.

At this stage, Mr. Assange is in “forced limbo” not being charged, therefore not having the availabilities to Right’s one would ordinarily have, as either “presumed innocent” or “charged” by any country; meanwhile his defence is being denied access to what precisely, are the holds of his detainment.

Obviously, he is seeking asylum as a political prisoner, presently under the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.


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