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Antaranews.com | July 23rd, 2012.

Antaranews.com | July 23rd, 2012.

UK holds media operations training programme for Indonesian military

… due to a lot of  bad publicity over massacres, torture, villages set ablaze and opening fire on defenseless indigenous tribes in West Papua, activists circulating videos and witness accounts are emerging from a place that has an almost complete media blackout .

examples of the mistreatment of Indigenous peoples of West Papua include YouTube videos via links:


The majority of indigenous Papuans have fled to the jungle to avoid being brutalized and many for years, have difficulty in gaining access to food for themselves and their families as the Indonesian military targets and hunts them as an (unarmed) enemy.

Discrepancies over mineral resources and international trade agreements are rumoured to be catalyst; in the more than 40 year long genocide of West Papuan peoples occupied by Indonesia.

In a country where speaking your own language or waving your flag is punishable by death by the overruling, colonizing armed forces occupying; the extent of brutality on the near doorstep ( and partial complicity by Australian sanctions) is staggering in its willful blindness when it comes to connections with the Mining industry.

West Papua’s leader, Benny Wenda is living under political refugee status of asylum in the UK and calls for attention to the plight of the West Papuan massacres of his people. Benny Wenda ( it is commonly understood) is under grave threat of being assassinated upon returning to West Papua, as Indonesia’s military only increases their capacities -most recently purchasing 100 Tanks

sourced and translation stated below  (as of July, 3rd, 2012) :


The [Indonesian] Government decides to buy 100 Leopard Tanks from Germany 2 July 2012 –

Source: TAPOL Translation  http://www.jurnas.com/news/65204/Pemerintah_Putuskan_Beli_100_Tank_Leopard_da…]


” INDONESIA has confirmed that it will buy 100 units of German-made Leopard tanks. It will do so because the Germans gave assurance that the production of the targeted volume and of the necessary military equipment will be met on time. The total budget of the purchase amounts to US$ 280 million. “The purchase of these tanks is part of a strategy of the Government for a five-years plan to modernize [Indonesia’s] military equipment, i.e., 2010-2014,” said Deputy Minister of Defence, Sjafrie, here on Monday. The option of buying Leopard tanks from the Netherlands is thus abandoned. The reason for that being that the Dutch could not provide certainty, nor for time, nor for processes required. However, the Indonesian Government expresses appreciation to the Dutch Government. The Leopard tanks purchase was allocated a budget of US$ 280 million. This budget falls outside of the allocation of foreign loans through the blue book and green book from Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance. In relation to the financing of the US$ 280 it is up to the Ministry of Finance to determine which institution has the legal stability and the capacity to disburse the amount. According to him, it could be carried out by a syndicate of banks in the country or the Ministry of Finance could formulate a financing scheme which it would also manage “The funding would continue to be determined in a parallel process, as soon as certainty is gained on aspects of procurement and financing. The operation will be supervised by a Team responsible for the prevention of irregularities on procured goods and services, involving the Internal Audit Institution (BPKP), Indonesia’s National Procurement Agency (LKPP), and the Defense Ministry Inspectorate, as well as TNI Headquarters and the Army. “From the 100 units, 15 units will have reached Indonesia by October 2012,” he said. The targeted time for the total 100 tanks units to reach Indonesia is the first half of 2014. “This also applies to all military equipment that we ordered, the target year being 2014,” he said. Sjafrie denied that the procurement of Leopard tanks was related to demands made by West Papuans. Previously, West Papuans had considered that such a purchase of tanks from the Netherlands would be a betrayal. Sjafrie added that the framework would be implemented by a high level committee. Starting from October 2012, the inflowing shipment of tanks units will consecutively be accompanied by technology transfer by PT Pindad.


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