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GIGAOM | Mathew Ingram. July 25th, 2012.

GIGAOM | Mathew Ingram. July 25th, 2012.

the NYT’s Bill Keller has always been one of Julian Assange’s biggest critics, slandering Julian Assange at every opportunity in the media arena…

paradoxically, last month The Guardian’s editor David Leigh also publically stated support for Julian Assange. Anyone familiar with Leigh’s history of “throwing Julian Assange under the bus” for the last two years, was initially (naturally) mistrustful of him now advocating Mr. Assange, as Leigh’s prior intentions have been .. less than honourable, let’s say

This is a complex history in and of itself since the days when WikiLeaks had contracted agreements with the New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel – to summarize in a nutshell – Leigh’s brother-in-law (NYT) published a book that contained the map to the key of the anonymous and protected WikiLeaks drop – box. In contractual agreements, The New York Times and The Guardian were not to publish breaking stories through channels until it was secure (for harm minimisation purposes) and in the interest of sensitive information security until essentially, WikiLeaks published some parts of it. This was an “interpersonal experience” between these media giants in the interest of the public and so the public wouldn’t be battered by the sheer gravity and depth of what is now known as “Cablegate” en masse.

The ideology of WikiLeaks at the time was, the more the public had the opportunity to “marinate” the information, the more chances of it being understood for its full context in magnitude.

– By the way, the period right before this, WikiLeaks themselves sent Cablegate to the US government, so they could firstly be informed that this knowledge is soon to be known in the public sphere; and secondly, for redactions to any operations that had been subverted into something else, or are otherwise ongoing; for the protection of their (US) contractors and military personnel abroad in active, covert engagements or operations, in which case; the information would be redacted for protection.

Unfortunately, The US government did not respond whatsoever and three months later, Leigh’s brother-in-law- published the “map” to the encryption key for the WikiLeaks anonymous drop-box in their own coup, essentially, to remove the hierarchical structure of these business agreements from WikiLeaks who had then been known for only six years as a publishing news organization. As a side note, in the six years of the advent of WikiLeaks up until this point ( and still to this day) – WikiLeaks has published more information than all other news outlets COMBINED.

Moving on.. The NYT’s Bill Keller ( a staunch opposer of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks) now speaks up for the man himself, as it dawns upon the Press that what is happening to WikiLeaks is and will be the foreground for the future of the protection ( or rather, persecution) of journalists and news organizations world over, as well as the future of media-as-we-know-it in Western ‘Democracy”



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