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Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance

Sourced: Huffington Post – by Vivian Norris

“Mr. Assange’s only crime is that he cared enough about people to respect their right to truth, and had the courage and bravery to print the truth. In the process, he embarrassed powerful governments.”-Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire

« As a mother, of course I wish he had never done it–because now he is being politically persecuted, risks being tortured–but as a citizen what he and Wikileaks have done is the best of investgative journalism bringing mainstream media approved by governments and big corporations to task. This is what journalists were orignally supposed to do…they are there to help hold governments accountable. If the justice system is no longer independent and the media is no longer independent and no one is holding the government accuntable, we do not have a democracy anymore ». -Christine Assange, mother of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange
I responded immediately when…

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